Top tips to make a buyer fall in love with your ho

Are you considering selling your home but wondering how best to showcase the best features? Is there any way to encourage viewings? Creating a property listing that sells is far more involved than simply listing the rooms. Read this article to ensure that your property marketing leads to fantastic results.

When trying to sell your home, it makes sense to show it off in the best light. The aim is to highlight a property's best features to appeal to potential buyers. But what is interesting to a buyer? What will make your home stand out amongst the competition? How will you get those searchers to request the all-important viewings that lead to offers?

Once a buyer has narrowed their search to a shortlist of properties in the right location and price bracket, with enough space and bedrooms for their family, the properties that make it onto the all-important viewing list are the most appealing. This means that your property's key features interest the buyer. How can you possibly know what each buyer cares about? How can you ensure your property listing tells them what they want to know?

Well, obviously, you can't know what each individual property searcher cares about, and you can't pin all of your hopes on one buyer that you don't know yet, so you must showcase your property and all of the USPs effectively in an attempt to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Let your property do the talking, and the right buyers will come.

So, first, you must understand your property's key features and what will appeal to those searching buyers. No one will choose your home over another one because you upgraded the fascia boards. In fact, new fascia boards, whilst it may have been an expensive upgrade, will be apparent from the photographs in your listing because it will give your home kerb appeal. So, save the valuable wording in your property listing detailing things your buyer cares about.

Buyers at this stage will care more about the lifestyle that your home could give them, meaning you should highlight features that improve the lifestyle. You may have a built-in, state-of-the-art espresso machine in your recently fitted kitchen that any coffee aficionado will love. Even if your buyer doesn't covet great coffee, you can show the lifestyle by describing the ritual of making a fantastic coffee at home. You may have an infrared sauna - who wouldn't love to relax after a long week at work with a sauna in the comfort of their own home or a hot tub for the family to enjoy after a summer BBQ with friends.

A buyer will expect that the property has bedrooms, at least one bathroom, a kitchen and living space. These are a given. Of course, you should describe these rooms and detail what makes your home unique, but its those little added extras that are going to make the difference between a buyer choosing your home over someone else's.

If a room in your home has a fantastic view, it is not enough to simply say there is a view of XYZ. Instead, explain the benefits to the potential buyer of that view. You could enjoy that delicious morning coffee as you take in the scenery. Watch the wildlife as you work from the study or spend those lovely lazy hours in the hot tub. Where can you take the view from, and how would that impact a buyer's life?

The key here is not only to highlight the features of your property but to detail the effect and impact that those features would have on the buyer's life if they were to buy your home. It is a simple sales technique that shows the features and benefits.

It is not enough to assume that the buyers will decipher your property listing and figure it out for themselves, particularly in a highly competitive market. Instead, make it easy for your buyers to spot the differences that make your home special compared to all the others for sale and help yourself stand out from the crowd.

More interested parties from your property listing will lead to more viewings. If there is clear interest from buyers, a level of demand will develop to ensure you have a steady stream of offers. Your estate agent can then negotiate these offers effectively, ensuring an excellent result for you.

If you are interested in discussing the sale of your property, get in touch with our team of property experts, who will be able to highlight the best features of your home and create a property listing that is sure to keep the number of viewings high.