Has your planning application been granted? What next?

Great News! You’ve done it.

Now you need to reassess all the forward options. You have a valuable asset which is very attractive to many developers and house builders, they may not have the time who to take risks buying land without planning.

You now have the option to build the site yourself or sell the site. Before you decide we can give you an up to date valuation.

At this stage, we recommend to get a revised land valuation – based upon the newly-achieved planning consent – as well as a full marketing appraisal on the value of the new build units to work out the gross development value.

It may give a stronger reason to sell before commencing with the building work.

Whatever your decision we will give as much advice as you need to make the right choice, and if it is selling the land we have a large list of buyers ready to look at it and make offers.