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Thinking of installing a new kitchen in your home? Read this article first to ensure your new kitchen is bang on trend and looks straight out of an interior design magazine.

Trends change with the seasons, particularly in fashion. Still, a new kitchen is a much higher investment of your time and finances. Not to mention the upheaval involved in removing and replacing a kitchen with a new one. A week might sound like a short time, but cooking without an oven or washing up by hand can be stressful because you can't leave your dishwasher connected. You may have a utility room, which makes things easier, but if not, you will likely wash your crockery in the bath! Far from ideal.

So it is vital that when you go into the effort of fitting a new kitchen, you fit one that will be desirable for years to come and doesn't need to be updated before you've added the finishing touches. And the hottest new design trend is an 'invisible kitchen'.

So, what is an 'invisible' kitchen?

Perfect for those minimalists among us, the invisible kitchen trend aims to conceal as many unsightly appliances as possible, hiding everything away and keeping clear worktops. It creates a sleek and stylish finish for the kitchen, which can often become chaotic. It also allows your beautiful new kitchen to take centre stage without the distraction of clutter.

How can you achieve an 'invisible' kitchen?

Clear worktops and concealed appliances are the first port of call, and the minimalist style calls for handle-less doors and drawer fronts, either with push-to-open mechanisms or concealed handles. Popular options include large pantry cupboards or a walk-in pantry, which allows you to have the usual mess that family life brings to a kitchen, with doors that you can close quickly to keep the kitchen looking minimal without having to clean constantly. Ovens, fridges and other appliances are simple to integrate into a kitchen or conceal, so consider a low-profile, barely there hob. Induction hobs fit flush in the worktops, staying in the theme of streamlined minimalism. Extractors come in many shapes and sizes and can be mounted in the ceiling and within a worktop now, so you don't have to have a huge, unsightly chimney-style extractor hood.

If you have a central island in your kitchen, consider a sliding worktop that can be moved to reveal a hob or sink unit, which can then be covered up, leaving a clean and clear surface.

With all of this minimal design and concealed clutter, you may find that your kitchen can take a more dramatic style with brighter or more intense colours or patterned tiles or flooring so you can let your inner interior designer go wild.

An invisible kitchen is camouflaged within the rest of the home's interior, remaining functional and practical just the same as a conventional kitchen with key design and careful consideration to ensure a more discreet and minimal result. Perfect for ultra-modern properties, bijou spaces, or those who prefer a maximalist decorating style.

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