Why Bournemouth Landlords Need A Letting Agent

Being a landlord is a tough task, and it is helpful for landlords to get all the help they can. We know landlords have to look at the bottom line, but we believe it is essential you consider the benefits of calling on a letting agent for support. At Foxes Sales and Lettings, we know the Bournemouth market very well, and we know why Bournemouth landlords need a letting agent.

One of the leading reasons to call on our services is because this is what we do professionally. While there is a lot to be said for being responsible for your own actions, it is vital to turn to experts when you should. Unless you had the skills and experience, you wouldn’t consider repairing your car or your washing machine; and a similar market can be made for calling on letting agents to manage your rental property.

Choose a letting agent who knows the local area

We are pleased to say we know the Bournemouth letting market. When you know what tenants are looking for, and what the demand is, we can provide you with a service which ensures you connect with tenants. We also know local prices, and we know how these prices have been derived. In the current climate, it is essential landlords enter the rental market at the right price, and this is an area we can provide you with help and assistance.

One area that is becoming increasingly challenging for landlords in Bournemouth, and the rest of the country, is complying with regulations. A lot of regulations were introduced in 2019; and 2020 is set to be as challenging for landlords. The Electrical Safety regulations will be in place for July; and MEES will be updated.

Staying in touch with these regulations is often a full-time job, and this is why it is best to call on an experienced letting agent to ensure your rental property stays up to date.

A good reason to call on a letting agent is the work we do in finding the best tenant for your rental property. It is vital you vet tenants, because if you fail to do so, you run the risk of welcoming someone who will wreck your home and not pay up on time. By calling on a letting agent to vet tenants for you, you increase your chances of letting the property in an effective and efficient manner.

Find an agent who will liaise with tenants on your behalf

A good letting agent will also liaise with the tenant on your behalf. If you would prefer to have as little dealings with your tenant as possible; you need to ensure your property and relationship with your tenant is in safe hands. An experienced local letting agent will be on hand when your tenant needs them; ensuring they receive a high standard of service.

A local letting agent will also ensure your rental property is cared for by reliable local professionals. When repairs must be carried out, it is vital they are carried out to a high standard. Also, landlords want to ensure value for money is on offer. Therefore, landlords need the help of local letting agents to ensure their property is well maintained.

If you are a landlord in Bournemouth, and you need a letting agent, please get in touch. We are pleased to say we have assisted many local landlords, and we are keen to support you as best we can too. Make sure you make an informed decision by getting in touch with Foxes Sales and Lettings today.