End Of Tenancy Cleaning Tips Bournemouth Landlords Must Know

While there are many things which landlords and tenants disagree on, one of the most common disputes is related to the cleanliness of a rental property. The condition of the rental property at the end of the tenancy determines how much of their deposit a tenant receives back.

Therefore, there is a strong incentive for tenants to maintain a good standard of cleanliness in and around their home. However, in data provided by The Deposit Protection Service, The DPS, it was found close to two-thirds of landlords have entered The DPS’ Dispute Resolution Service while citing a lack of cleanliness in the rental property.

Cleaning is a major issue for landlords and tenants

When it comes to deductions from the tenancy deposit, cleaning is the most commonly cited factor. Therefore, there is a lot for landlords and tenants to focus on. There is a need to ensure that the end of the tenancy period is managed well. Still, the most effective end of tenancy cleaning tip is to maintain a good standard of cleanliness throughout the rental period.

A lot of practical cleaning work can be carried out at the end of the tenancy, but if tenants allocate time and effort each week or month to cleaning the property, the end of lease clean becomes much easier to manage.

Cleaning shouldn’t just be a New Year Resolution

An end of term cleaning company in the UK spoke to more than 1,600 tenants and property owners to discuss cleaning. This survey was carried out at the start of 2020, so New Year Resolutions and paying more attention to cleaning was likely to be on the minds of respondents.

81% of respondents said they planned to thoroughly clean the property every month. 74% of respondents said they plan on washing their bins each month, and 69% of respondents said they would wipe their furniture down each month. 48% of people said they would vacuum all rugs and floor-mats while 43% of respondents said they intend to clean and dust their light fixtures and fittings monthly.

Ivan Ivanov is the Managing Director of End of Tenancy Cleaning, and he said: “A new year brings a new-found desire to attend to the things in our lives we have not paid enough attention to. For many, this means assessing the level of cleanliness they are currently achieving in their living environment and in doing so, unfortunately realising it’s not adequate enough. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to carefully identify all the forgotten and ignored parts of the home they may have been neglecting to clean regularly.”

End of term cleaning tips include:

  • Get as many people involved as possible and allocate plenty of time for cleaning
  • Declutter the property as best you can before you start to clean
  • Be sure to check all hidden spots, not just the things you see
  • Check plugholes and that they are free from blockages
  • Dust surfaces before vacuuming the house

Of course, there are times when it is best to call on the experts. Landlords and tenants should know the benefits of a deep clean at the end of a tenancy, and we can help. At Foxes, we provide a range of property management services aimed at ensuring rental properties are in great condition. Anyone looking for guidance on end of tenancy cleaning should contact us today.