Decluttering Tips For Bournemouth Vendors and Landlords

While selling property is a very different process of letting property, there are some similarities. We are pleased to say we have helped many Bournemouth vendors and landlords and decluttering is a vital task in both processes. When you need to make a positive impression, it is essential you present your property in the best manner, and decluttering is vital.

There are significant reasons why a decluttered home appeals to likely buyers and tenants, and we will take you through these reasons.

A decluttered home looks more substantial and more spacious

When you present property, you need it to look as big as possible. Buyers and tenants are looking for space, and when there is no or little clutter, rooms look more appealing and attractive.

You also find a decluttered property offers fewer distractions, which is great for grabbing the attention of likely buyers and tenants. If people view a lot of property, you need to stand out for the right reasons. Holding their attention is a highly effective way of ensuring they see your home in the way you intend them to.

Decluttered homes are perceived to hold more value

Landlords and vendors should agree that increasing the value of their property is a sensible move. If your home has a higher value, and this value can be justified, you go a long way to selling or letting your property for an acceptable price.

The perception is that a messy or untidy house has a lower value. A messy home often leads to a buyer losing confidence in the property, and if they make an offer, it is likely to be for a lower price, or they would be willing to pay a lower rental fee.

If you can avoid this outcome, you should, and decluttering the property is an effective way of creating the best impression of your property.

You want to help a buyer or tenant imagine themselves living in the property

If you can help a prospective buyer or tenant imagine themselves in your home, you will go a long way to seeing them make an offer on the property, or request to live there. If the property is littered with your belongings, it becomes harder for a person to imagine themselves living there.

If you can present a blank canvas, you create the opportunity for other people to imagine their own life on your premises, and this is a situation all vendors and tenants should encourage.

Tips for decluttering property include:

  • Break the task down into smaller aspects – focusing on a room at a time, or certain items
  • Give yourself a time deadline for each day or week
  • Create piles where you can decide if something is being kept, sold, thrown away, passed to charity or is to be passed on
  • If you are unsure about an item, keep it for a month but if you don’t use it in this time, get rid of it

Whether you are selling or letting in Bournemouth, we can help. We can arrange a property valuation for you, and no matter what your aims are, we aim to ensure you receive the best guidance. Whatever your next move is, rely on Foxes Sales and Lettings.