Bournemouth Landlords – Between Tenancies Maintenance Tips

As any landlord will tell you, the period between tenancies can be concerning. If you don’t have a tenant, you don’t generate rental income. Unless you have cover in place, you could be left to pay your buy-to-let mortgage by yourself, which could place a significant drain on your resources. Therefore, it makes sense for landlords to fill the void and bring a new tenant in as soon as possible. However, Bournemouth landlords can benefit by improving their rental property at this time, and we have some between tenancies maintenance tips for you.

If you improve your rental property, you can attract better tenants, and you may even increase the rental fees you generate. If you make appropriate changes, you may also add value to your rental property, creating positive outcomes in the short and long-term.

Undertake a deep clean at your rental property

If your rental property is empty, you have an ideal opportunity to undertake a deep clean. Ensuring your property is spotless is a great way to attract attention in your listings. You will also make tenants feel as though they receive a premium rental service for you.

There is also another strong reason why you should carry out a deep clean at your rental property between tenancies. If a tenant moves into a spotlessly clean property, they will be motivated to maintain this appearance. However, if a tenant moves into a messy property, they aren’t motivated to maintain a good standard of cleanliness in the rental property.

By setting an expected standard, you can increase the likelihood of the tenant caring for your rental property. This is an outcome all landlords benefit from.

Make sure you offer a safe and compliant rental property

The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act has reinforced the need to provide tenants with a safe and secure rental home. Landlords know their property must comply with a raft of regulations, and the period between tenancies is the ideal opportunity to address any concerns, make improvements and ensure you have the required certification in place.

Savvy landlords will take the opportunity to call out qualified engineers and technicians to carry out the gas safety tests, to check electrical appliances and ensure the property is in good condition. When everything is in good working order, tenants are happy, and you create evidence which proves your property complies with health and safety regulations.

Make sure the exterior of your rental property is in excellent condition

Don’t just focus on the inside of your rental property; never forget the importance of kerb appeal. If your rental property has a garden area, paths and driveways, or shared landings; you must ensure these spaces are uncluttered, tidy and clean. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and you want to wow potential tenants to ensure you move a new tenant in as soon as possible!

At Foxes Sales & Lettings, we know the importance of managing your property. We help you keep tenants satisfied, but we also ensure your property is cared for, even outside of tenancy times. If you want to learn how we help landlords with a range of property management services, please contact us today.