Bournemouth Landlords: Are Your Tenants Breaking The Rules?

Being a landlord is difficult, and managing tenants is a challenging part of the role. If you have no experience in dealing with tenants, or you don’t know where to begin, this may be the most significant issue you face as a landlord. We are pleased to say we have helped many Bournemouth landlords care for their tenants, and rental property, and we look forward to assisting you.

A recent study provided some worrying news for landlords. More than 2,000 tenants were surveyed by the interior specialist Hillarys, and it turns out many tenants engage in activities that their landlords would not be happy with. It transpires many tenants are also unaware of the full rules and regulations for the rental property.

Are your tenants breaking any of these rules?

The study indicates 84% of tenants believe they are breaking at least one of the rules imposed by their landlord. 73% of respondents said they are not aware of the exact practices they are expected to follow, and 36% of respondents said they don’t know where to find a copy of the rental property regulations.

The survey said the following rules were most commonly broken were:

  • Hanging photos or art on the wall – broken by 38% of tenants
  • Damaging or marking the interior of the property – broken by 34% of tenants
  • Smoking inside the property – broken by 23% of tenants
  • Causing noise disruption to the detriment of neighbours – broken by 19% of tenants
  • Owning a pet – broken by 14% of tenants

A worrying aspect for both landlords and tenants is that a sizable proportion of tenants were unaware of the notice period of their tenancy agreement. 23% of tenants said they didn’t know how much notice they had to give landlords or that landlords had to give them before the end of a tenancy.

Lucy Askew is the Interiors Specialist at Hillarys, and she said: “Thanks to rising house prices and the subsequent need for significantly large deposits, the reality of homeownership has become unachievable for a number of Britons, resulting in the need for rented accommodation.

Landlords and tenants need to develop a strong relationship

There is no denying there is a high level of demand for rental property, but this doesn’t excuse tenants, or landlords, being unaware of rental property regulations. There is a need for all parties to build a relationship that benefits them both, and there is no need for landlords and tenants to be enemies.

Lucy Askew also said; “Whilst it can be all too tempting to ignore the agreements made with a landlord in order to create a cosy atmosphere, rules are put in place for a reason, and failure to comply can put a tenancy at risk and could leave the tenant in question without a home.”

If you are a landlord in Bournemouth, and you need assistance managing your rental property, we can help. We can provide you with a property valuation, and we offer a range of management services. Whatever support you need with rental property in Bournemouth, contact Foxes today to help you out.