Bournemouth pier

Bournemouth property market – summer 2019 update


Over the summer, the foundations of the Bournemouth property market have continued to be essentially sound, but the current political climate means that all-important element of consumer confidence has been reduced. That in turn is triggering some potential Bournemouth property buyers and sellers to falter slightly and hang fire on making any firm decisions on […]

Selling a home shouldn’t be taxing..


According to a recent newspaper report more than 50 per cent of the nation’s stressed out self-employed, leave getting their tax self-assessment form into the HMRC to the very last minute. So, looking ahead to late January you may notice the stress levels of some people rocketing as the deadline to hand in their returns […]

Will the property market crash?


And if it does … who will be the winners and losers? Those Bournemouth people wanting property values to drop would be those 30 or 40 something’s, sitting on a sizeable amount of equity and hoping to trade up (because the percentage drop of your current ‘cheaper’ property will be much less than the same […]