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It has to be said, Dorset is one of the most beautiful counties in the whole of the UK. Beautiful natural countryside mixes with stunning beaches and clear blue seas to create a landscape that is hard to beat.

 Add into this a whole variety of towns that are ideal to explore, then you can see why Dorset on the whole is a great place to travel to.

If you are looking for great towns in Dorset, then Ferndown is one that should definitely be on the list.

More about Ferndown

It may not be on the beach itself, but Ferndown still has plenty to offer those who are looking for somewhere to live in Dorset. Found on the edge of the New Forest, Ferndown is the largest town in East Dorset and has a thriving community as well as a number of businesses that call it their home.

What can you do in Ferndown and surrounding areas?

Ferndown has activities and sights for all ages.

One of the most popular attractions in the area has to be Adventure Wonderland. Adventure Wonderland is the number 1 family theme park in Dorset and boasts a range of rides for all ages. It is only 3 miles from Ferndown which means that it is the ideal day trip if you are visiting or staying in the area.

If you love to get outside in the fresh air, then you are going to want to visit Moors Valley Country. Just under 4 miles from Ferndown, this natural area has lots to offer all ages. Children love the play trail and adults simply enjoy the fact that they can get out in the fresh air and hopefully wear out the kids whilst they are there.

Seeing as Ferndown is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, it makes sense that taking a walk in the countryside is a great way to spend your time in this town. Ferndown is packed full of fantastic routes that you can explore. There are some that are designed for those who are just looking for a casual stroll and also those walks that are designed for those who have been out and about before.

Finally, we love the fact that Ferndown has plenty of amazing facilities for all ages. That said, if you are part of the older generation, then Ferndown has lots to offer.

We love lots of things about Ferndown and we think that if you want to know more about this amazing area, that you should definitely pay it a visit. After all, what better way to fall in love with a town then to create you own happy memories there?

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