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If you are lucky enough to live in Dorset, then you are going to soon realise that you are living in one of the best counties in the whole of the UK. A stunning mixture of market towns, coastal resorts and rolling countryside, Dorset can offer you everything that comes with living in the UK. 

There are a variety of great places to live in Dorset. However, one of the most popular, not only for tourists but for residents alike, is Bournemouth. But what is so great about living in Bournemouth?

The beach 

Now whilst we would never say that you should move to a new area simply because it is by the sea. What we will say is that there is something truly magical about living so close to the open water. Bournemouth is famed for its amazing clear seas and gorgeously golden sands, and whilst it has to be said that it can get busy during those Summer months, those who call it their home know the best times to hit the beach and not have to worry about fighting for a spot. 

There is always something to do

One great thing about living in a busy coastal resort is that you will always find something for you and your family to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you like to do when you live in Bournemouth. Fun is only around the corner. You can get active with water sports, have some family fun in the arcades, or you can check out the live music and comedy that is always on around the town.

Add into this the amazing restaurants and bars that are scattered throughout the streets; then, you can easily see why Bournemouth is such a great place to call your home. 

It is perfectly located

The chances are that you will never see a need to leave your immediate area, but if you do, then Bournemouth is right on the local road and rail network. You can easily travel around the rest of the South West and even further afield, and if you want to simply check out those places that are right next door to you, then you will also find a wealth of great options too. 

Fantastic property investments

When you buy a property, you should always think about the future. After all, you may come to the point in your life when you want to move on and find somewhere new to live. Buying a home in Bournemouth means that there is a good chance that it is going to hold its value over time, which means that when you come to sell. You can still get a good return on your investment. Not only this, but you can also explore other options such as renting out your property. 

There are so many great reasons to move to Bournemouth, so what are you waiting for? Find out whether it could be the perfect choice for you and for your family alike! 

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