Affordable Kitchen Upgrades To Sell Your Bournemouth Home

Selling your home is a challenging process. You must ensure your home looks fantastic, and every room has a part to play in connecting with a potential buyer. However, not all rooms are created equally. Each room must be of a suitable standard, but you will find that the kitchen has a strong role to play in ensuring prospective buyers fall in love with your home.

The kitchen is the hub of family life. This is the space where so much time is spent, and you must work hard to create a setting that is welcoming for likely buyers. The problem is, many people don’t like their kitchen. A recent study by Kutchenhaus found 68% of respondents don’t like their kitchen! If you don’t like your kitchen, how can you expect other people to fall in love with it?

26% of homeowners said they believed their kitchen was out-dated, and 15% of homeowners didn’t like the style of their home. Therefore, there is a need to improve the kitchen, but most vendors don’t want to spend too much money. Selling your home is an expensive activity, and renovating the kitchen adds unnecessary time and expense.

Thankfully, there are affordable kitchen upgrades to sell your Bournemouth home.

Make the most of space

When selling your home, space is vital. This is the case for every room, but in the kitchen, there is a need to make as much space as possible. If you can keep worktops clear, you will grab attention and allow potential buyers to picture themselves in the kitchen.

Therefore, you need to focus on space-saving tips. If you can make more room inside cupboards or by using wall-hanging solutions, you will find your home becomes more appealing to likely buyers.

Consider value for money

A leading brand name will grab the attention of likely buyers, but these are expensive. A cheap brand may save you money, but it may put potential buyers off, or lead them to conclude they have further costs to consider after buying the house. Therefore, vendors must consider what represents value for money for them.

Carry out research and visit kitchen showrooms for inspiration, and the latest appliances.

Sean Ford is the National Head of Sales and Operations for Kutchenhaus, and he said: “When purchasing their dream kitchen, people often get carried away and make costly mistakes that make the job much more expensive than it needs to be. Our tips hopefully provide expert guidance on how to achieve your dream kitchen while leaving a bit of extra money in your pocket!

We are pleased to say we have helped many Bournemouth vendors sell their home, and a lot of this is down to the work we do ensuring you connect with vendors. Every room in the house is important, but it is vital you offer a stylish and appealing kitchen.

If you are planning on selling your Bournemouth home in 2020, contact Foxes today. We can arrange a property valuation for you, and we are more than happy to provide you with support from start to finish of the sales process. See how we can assist you making your next big move.